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[Product Name]       Oil-removing Laundry Powder

[Product Capacity]  10 kg

[Product Packaging] Barrel

[Product features] 

This product has the ability to rapidly separate oil stains from the surface of items, making it an effective solution for cleaning. It has a mild and non-toxic formula that does not contain nitrite or phosphorus, ensuring it is safe to use. Additionally, it is gentle on the surface of the device and does not cause any damage. It does not burn hands or irritate the skin, making it a safe and reliable option for cleaning oil stains.

Laundry Powder 10kg 按摩店专用去油洗衣粉 10kg大桶 商业包装

SKU: CP013
Excluding GST
  • 【产品名称】去油洗衣粉




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